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over 1 year ago

Monday is the last day to submit-Web3 World Championship by Nervos Network

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are doing great and not psyched by everything happening in the outside world

In case you forgot, the deadline to submit your project for Web3 World Championship is approaching.
We are really excited to give away a prize pool of USD76,400

We’re talking about the following prizes

Marathon - 1st place
USD 15,000 in CKB

Marathon - 2nd place
USD 13,000 in CKB

Marathon - 3rd place
USD 7,500 in CKB

Relay - 1st place
USD 12,000 in CKB

Relay - 2nd place
USD 7,500 in CKB

100M Dash (10)
USD 1,000 in CKB

Art Attack (10)
USD 1,000 in CKB

20 Safepal Hardware Wallets

Do not miss the deadline to submit as there is still a chance to make your project stand out 

Here are some tips:

  • focus on the presentation video which will help us in understanding your project quickly
  • do not wait for the end minute to submit but try to submit at least 30 min prior and set a reminder for the same on your phone
  • ask any last-minute questions in the discord channel if you are still struggling or stuck with any problem
  • see what we are doing on Nervos and tell us how your project can be useful for the Nervos ecosystem

If you need any more help, feel free to write back! Wishing you the best.
May the outstanding submissions win

Best Regards,