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over 1 year ago

Don't forget to submit to Web3 World Championship | A Global Nervos Hackathon

Hello There

This is Anubha, Dev Education and Events Manager at Nervos. I am reaching out to you personally because you registered for the hackathon Web3 World Championship which has $75,000 worth of prizes for your next web3 project along with future launch support by the Nervos team itself.

I would like to inform you that you still have time left to submit your project in any of our 4 tracks : 100m Dash ( port a pre-selected dapp to Nervos), Art Attack (mint your nft project), Marathon ( build a dapp with your team) and Relay ( build a dapp and find team members as well).

Please let me know if you need any help regarding submission by replying to this email and feel free to ask questions.

I would definitely like to see you winning as there is still high probability of winning right now. 

Looking forward to see you become the first ever web3 world champion.

Best Wishes,