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over 1 year ago

Join The Web3 World Championship Kickoff Party!!

Hello Hackers 

We are hosting a kick-off party at Gathertown! Meet Nervos developers and other builders in a cool 2D virtual world! It is FREE to join, just sign up here

Lets Get This Party Started Yeah GIF - Lets Get This Party Started Yeah Extremely Excited Kid GIFs

Not enough? Meet us before Gathertown on Twitter spaces. Have your questions answered by the Nervos team as we are hosting a live Q&A session for the Web3 World Championship 

Please note that the event will begin at 10:30 am EDT on March 26th (first the Twitter spaces and then the Gathertown kick-off party) 

If you are feeling alone and want a team member to join in, enter the shuffler and get a teammate to work with!

For receiving technical support or just chat with Nervos developers! Check out our daily office hours 

Good luck to all participants and happy hacking! 

Feel free to reply to this email if you need any help, or ping us on the Discord server.

Best Regards,

Team Web3 World Championship